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A Year in the Wilderness Dave and Amy Freeman

On September 23, 2015, Dave and Amy teamed up with the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters and embarked on a yearlong adventure in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. That's 365 days of camping and traveling under their own power in the 1.1 million acre wilderness area with the purpose of keeping America's most visited wilderness area in people's consciousnesses throughout the entire year. They used their adventure as a platform to educate about the threat posed by Twin Metals and other sulfide-ore copper mines being proposed near the BWCAW. The Freemans traveled roughly 3,000 miles by canoe and ski with sled dogs, visiting about 500 lakes, rivers and and streams throughout the year. They documented it all by photograph, video, text and even water quality measurements.

Diverging from the typical expedition approach of traveling from point A to point B, the Freemans entered the wilderness with the intent to bear witness to all the seasons in the biggest wilderness area east of the Rockies and north of the Everglades. They learned to slow down and closely observe what was going on around them– from metamorphosing of dragonflies to the wanderings of a wolf pack. They were out there as ice formed on the lakes and then melted again. They saw the forest awaken and birds return. If you love the Boundary Waters or wild places in general, if you're curious about the latest developments in the fight to protect the BWCAW watershed from copper mining, what the Freemans witnessed, how their relationship fared, lessons they learned, or practical tips for doing an expedition of your own, this presentation and short film are a must-see.

Outdoor cooking for Winter Campers Sydney Tanner and Jim Nosker

 Long time campers and winter enthusiasts Sydney Tanner and Jim Nosker are back with a three hour session on outdoor cooking for winter campers. Featured will be discussions on Dutch ovens, hot water box cooking, different types of outdoor cooking, stove and cook kit selection, menu planning for winter treks, and a lot of hands on time making and sampling breads, vegetables, breakfasts, lunches and a desert or two. No charge, but donations will gladly be accepted to cover the grocery costs.

Gear for a Year Dave and Amy Freeman

 If you were heading into the wilderness for a year, what would you take with you? This presentation will give you a hands-on opportunity to see their tents, stoves, sleep systems, and other equipment that Dave and Amy used during A Year in the Wilderness. They will tell you what worked and what didn't, along with giving you some ideas about what to pack on your next adventure in any season, with an emphasis on Winter gear. They'll answer your questions about clothing and equipment and encourage you to share some of your gear recommendations.

Crafting Camp Coffee Dave and Amy Freeman

Come for your morning brew to socialize and try out a variety of ways to brew coffee in the woods.
From cowboy coffee to micro-ground instant coffee, from portable espresso makers to french presses, there are many ways to create a steaming cup of joe. Come try some of the Freemans' favorite ways to jumpstart your day in woods– or bring your favorite method to share.

Dutch Oven Cooking Brian Dallmann

 The cast iron Dutch oven has been the quintessential cooking device since colonial times.  With proper techniques you can bake, boil, stew, roast, fry, and broil an endless combination of foods.  No other cooking device can equal it’s utility, it’s the first true kitchen multi-tool. Best of all, it’s ability to cook delicious meals with little to no supervision lends it perfectly to outdoor activities such as winter camping.  Join Brian for a 2 hour class which will cover everything from equipment selection to maintenance. They will also explain and demonstrate cooking techniques with a couple easy beginner recipes.  No equipment is needed to participate, but if you have a pot bring it!

Staying Hydrated+6 different ways to make back country coffee James Bishop

This seminar will provide you with an overview of why it is important and necesarrry to keep drinking all day long.  James will show you how to make great coffee 6 different way from the simple to the complex.  Aso Russian teas, bag teas, cocao mixes, apple ciders and more!
Bring your favorite cup and start Friday morning off right.

At Home in the Snow- Snow Shelter Winter Camping Basics Scott Oeth

Scott Oeth will teach you all about the basics of Show Shelters!   He will talk about gear need to stay outside comfortably and safely.

Planning a Winter Expedition Kelly Hargesheimer

Are you thinking about organizing a big winter trip? Careful planning and preparation can make the difference between an awesome adventure and a miserable slog. From who is going and what you are taking, to where you are going and how you will get there; we will discuss a variety of tips and strategies that can help make your trip planning and preparations more successful.